Strippers Site

We have found a special market for strippers, basically we create a very high end and very luxurious site paired with high end photography and a mobile first design. These sites are less focused on getting new paying members, they are more focused on making the stripper look important and famous.  The primary reason we have done this is because once a site is up and running, the stripper can make a LOT more money doing VIP dances, make more money doing feature dancing and has a lot more oppertunes. 


Strip Club Thought Process

If you owned a striped club, who would you hire another pretty face or a famous pretty face. You would hire the famous person, because they can bring more people to the club. 

As a dancer, have a great site which looks like it cost thousands of dollars, will bring you much more income and you will be able to make considerable amounts more. 

Customer Thought Process

So, Joe Dirt comes to Vegas and go to a strip club to get a dance from a beautiful Las Vegas stripper. 

Two girls are in front of him.

Girl A -> Pretty - has a killer site with great images - stuff he can brag about to all his friends when he get home. "Look I meet this girl in Vegas - look at her site.. OMG she is smoking hot"

Girl B -> Pretty - but her site looks like a 5 years created it - which he doesn't want to show his friend because her site is ghetto - it doesn't even work on his iphone. OMG




Monetize Your Off Hours.

Stripping isn't easy work, it is hard on your body and your mind. One of the major problems with stripping is that you only make money when you go to the club. No work. No Money!!!

Let's Fix That. ASAP!

With a site, you can sell images, video, virtual dances, private videos, prints, and so much more. You can make money 24 x 7.  

If a fan is willing to spend money on you because he got his paycheck - with a web site you can capitalize on capturing that income. .


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