Staff Model

One of the common questions we get is, what is it like having a site, or what is it like being a staff model. 



Well, it is hard to explain because it is easy and it is hard at the same time. 



Good Money / Good Hours / Lots of Fun

If we shoot four times a month - we are happy. So, some models like to slam out two shooting days during the start of the money, while others do it one day each week. We are open - as long as we get the images and videos to make your fans happy - we don't care when you work.

Often models bring their friends.. We sometimes travel for shoots.. We buy cool costumes and much more. 

Shooting at a Remote Location

Shooting at a Remote Location



For a lot of models, this is the first job they have had and it is hard to adjust from a Mc.D job. Example - not having to wake-up at 7 am to be at work - not having a boss tell you what you needs to be done.

While it is nice you also must have the power to be your own boss. 


I will showcase two models. 

however see other personality site model --> here


She was a licensed hairdresser(cosmo) when I meet her. She was having a hard time making it. She could pay her bills but never had extra money. So she was doing ok with her work, however, It is hard building a client base and paying all your bills and having a life.  She was going out on the weekends and having out with friends and trying to work long hours at the salon. She just seemed lost sometimes. 

So, the site for her presented a way to make money, have a creative hobbie / relation project and also a way to discipline herself. She would have to plan things out better, be ready and be more focused.  - She stepped up to the challenge and did well for herself.



was working at Starbucks when we meet her. She did a couple of test shoots and came up with a plan. She wanted to meet some other models and then just feel in love with the idea of not having to deal with the public directly. The first month or two was really hard on her, she was working full time at Starbucks and shooting a lot on the weekend and after work. However we rushed and got her site up and as soon as she started making over 500 a week off her site, she quit her job and never looked back.


In a perfect world. What we look for in a staff model


A model who hasn't shoot a ton
A model who has general market appeal (less fetish appeal)
A model we everyone gets along with people
A model who is approachable  - Not too hot - Not too uglyFrom that opeG


Then we select a few models. We do a couple of test shoots with them. because you never know how people will look on camera.

If they shoot well, everyone gets along, we will open discussions about doing a site.

To create a site we need more than 50 sets – so the all the test shoots count towards that – but we will also need another 5 to 10 shooting days to get enough content to build a site.








Easy Breeze Amazon Kindle Production Work

In the past couple of years we have helped models and also have helped us by creating amazon accounts and selling stuff on them. We have this sound to a great system were generally in a few months to 6 months the income is around 5K a month - for topless or closed legs nude.

There are a lot of little rules on this job, like you can't have your hands inside your clothing.. You can't touch your bra.. No bending over..etc..etc..  • And generally it is a very boring shoot, because it is all about production - so you will taken in one area - someone will shoot 50 images of you, next outfit... and over and over and over again.

Models we can uses.

•Bra and Panty Models
•Topless models


This is super rare because it we see much income from non-sexual images and have it repeat month after month is almost unheard of. 

We only work with one or maybe two models at a time - and we try to do this for 6 to 8 months at a time. 

The time comment is
• two or three - 1/2 days a month.