What Do I Have to Do?

One of the most common questions is "What do I have to do?' or 'Do I have do porn' or something like that. Well the good news is NO, you are 100% in control. We never produce beyond what model wants. There is not "cast couch," or anything like that.  We have worked with THOUSANDS of models - check our our reference book.

Now with that being said, what you do and what you don't do will effect your money. Not just with getting naked or not. An example of this is, we had a model and we explained the image we where creating for her - nice sweet all american girl  we told her directly "no smoking pics and no marijuana pics posted to the blog".  She posted some - her income tanked for over 6 months. 

What About My Body..

Often new models do not feel they have what it takes to be a model. I hear 'my boobs are too small' or 'my ass is too flat' and I will tell you 99% of the time that is not true. Daisy worked in Starbuck, Puma Swede sold computer, Dylan Ryder was a agent, and other models had day jobs before modeling. The single difference is good photography makes all the difference in the world.

* Some of the things that can affect site income or modeling work. 

  • Tattoos and Type of Work you want
  • How often you're late 
  • How easy / How hard it is to spell your stage name
  • Your GRIT - How bad do you want it? Some shoots are 1 hour - other can be 15 hours. 


I don't know


I don't know if this is right for me?

Feel free to contact us. We can help answer any questions you have. However always make sure you are ready to be naked before you get naked. We never push or try to get more out of models than what they want to do.

How Much $$$ Can I Make?

AdobeStock_29284468 (1).jpeg

One of the most common questions is how much can I make and that is always a hard question. 


We can provide you a rate card. 

However, we prefer working with models over the long run so we increase the benefit to each other. Today is a great time to make money on the internet because each day millions of new people come online looking to spend money. Our end goal is to develop a great working relationship where both you ( the model) and us ( the production) can make 6 figures each a year. 

To understand the power to make money in nude model - Porn gets more visitors each month than - Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter Combined. 

Netflix - value is 42 billion ( about  140 dollars per person in America)

Amazon - value is 2.2 trillion ( about 7300 dollars per person in America)

Twitter - value is 76 billion  (  about 250 dollars per person in America)

That is a ton of money, and porn is worth MORE than that, and while internet nude model doesn't make up the whole porn income, it does account for a lot of it. There is more money in nude modeling than almost any other market!